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Welcome to the foursquare-palmpre wiki!

Most of the development conversation is taking place in a wave on Google Wave. If you are an active developer for this app and want to join in the discussion, contact Chris (vanbuskirk.christopher AT googlewave DOT com) or Geoff (frobba AT googlewave DOT com) (note: these are their Google Wave contacts, not their email addresses) and they will add you to the wave.

To-do List / Roadmap

Download a PDF of some (really) rough mock-ups here

For any questions or comments about the code or developing your own webOS app that integrates with Foursquare, head to the Foursquare-Palm Google group

Problems using the app? Let us know in the Issues tab here on GitHub.

To be kept up to date on the progress of this app, follow Geoff on Twitter: @zhephree