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Spindle is a Scala code generator for Thrift. The complete documentation lives here.


Because Spindle is a code generator, it needs to plug into your build system.

If you're using sbt 0.12, you can use Spindle's thrift-codegen-plugin. In your project/plugins.sbt, add the following line:

addSbtPlugin("com.foursquare" % "spindle-codegen-plugin" % "1.8.3")

Then, in the build.sbt for the project with the *.thrift files to compile, add the following line:

seq(thriftSettings: _*)

By default, the plugin will compile all *.thrift sources in src/main/thrift, though this is configurable.

Keep in mind that this will add a few library dependencies to your project. Currently, this includes spindle-runtime, apache thrift, joda-time, jackson, rogue-field, finagle-thrift, and scalaj-collection. If you need a specific version of any of these dependencies, the plugin can be configured to use those.


The latest release is 1.8.3. See the changelog for more details.

Major changes in 1.8.x:

  • Support for hashed, 2dsphere and text indices
  • Map support in TReadableJSONProtocol
  • TBSONProtocol improvements
  • Unknown field handling for forwards-compatibility
  • Codegen newtype implicits
  • Groundwork for optional proxy generation
  • Hooks for alternateFk


Apache thrift, joda-time, jackson, rogue-field, finagle-thrift, and scalaj-collection.


Spindle was initially developed by Foursquare Labs for internal use. Many people have contributed:

  • Adam Powslowsky
  • Ben Lee
  • Benjy Weinberger
  • Daniel Harrison
  • Daniel Salinas
  • David Blackman
  • David Taylor
  • Jackson Davis
  • Jacob Van De Weert
  • Jason Liszka
  • Jorge Ortiz
  • Matthew Rathbone
  • Neil Sanchala
  • Tom Dyas

Further contributions welcome!