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Buildgen lexically parses import statements and updates existing BUILD files, ensuring correctness and removing human error.


Buildgen for Scala projects requires a scalac plugin.This is also published from Fsq.io. Look at BUILD.opensource for an in-repo example on how to consume those.

The buildgen modules are published to Pypi as Pants plugins.

To install from the published plugins, you can try using the upstream Pants plugins to automatically consume from pypi.

  plugins: [

  backend_packages: +[

Some people have had trouble getting their Pants virtualenv to play nicely with the buildgen modules. In that case, an escape hatch can be to install into the Pants virtualenv by hand.

Assuming you use the standard location for your bootstrapped Pants install:

    ~/.cache/pants/setup/bootstrap/${pants_version}/bin/pip install fsqio.pants.buildgen.core fsqio.pants.buildgen.jvm fsqio.pants.buildgen.python

That should be it!

Submodule Installation


Add a BUILD.tools to the root of your repo with the following to bootstrap a required scalac plugin:

  name = 'buildgen-emit-exported-symbols',
  jars = [
    scala_jar(org = 'io.fsq', name = 'buildgen-emit-exported-symbols', rev = '1.2.0'),

  name = 'buildgen-emit-used-symbols',
  jars = [
    scala_jar(org = 'io.fsq', name = 'buildgen-emit-used-symbols', rev = '1.2.0'),

The versions in this code should work with any version of the PyPi module and no updates are expected.


We now also publish a buildgen module for Spindle support. Just follow the above pattern for fsqio.pants.buildgen.spindle


If you have multiple virtualenvs (or if Pants just can't find the buildgen backend), you can add the installation path to your pythonpath in pants.ini


   pythonpath: [


If you update this code in Fsq.io, you may want to publish an updated module to PyPi. You can follow the standard plugin README, with an additional step of potentially publishing the buildgen scalac plugin as jars.

You should always be able to skip the scalac jar publish unless you have explicit reason not to! Those jars are already published and basically never need to be updated.

  1. Optional: Build and publish the Scala compiler plugins for JVM buildgen.
  2. Publish the buildgen plugins to PyPi.