Wish List

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  • An app that keeps track of how far away you normally are from your friends and alerts you when that distance changes dramatically

  • Spend helper/tracker:

  • Where am I spending money? How much at each place? (by history?)
  • When I'm out at a place with friends, make something to help split the bill (perhaps using venmo?)
  • A choose your own adventure game where with each check-in, it suggests 3 nearby things to do next. (maybe you get to choose a category?)

  • A radar app that alerts you if a friend checks-in within .25 mile of your house / current location

  • Game challenging your friends to see who can go to the Gym the most this month

    • Venue Push API twist! A corresponding site that the Gym can display, congratulating people on the Nth check-in this month (and publicly tell them how they rank up against their friends!)
  • An easy tool to suck in your foursquare checkins with photos and select which photos you'd like to bundle into an album on facebook. Push the photos to an album in one click with comments pointing back to the check-in detail for each photo. Add location tagging and Aviary filtering for bonus credit.

  • Show users places they go most often in the past [ 3 | 6 | 12+ ] months with hot-or-not style showdowns between places to generate a stacked list of their 20 favorite spots and populate a new list for it using the Lists API

  • Stat tracker that shows you how many times in the last month you: went to gym, ate at an Italian restaurant, go out on the weekend, went to a birthday party, took a photo, etc

  • App to play an intro song on the sound system when the Mayor checks in

  • Laziness meter (how far do I venture from home?)

  • iPad app with an interface to recommend places (explore api?) and recap activity ("what happened last night with me and my friends?!?")

  • app that makes a printable city-guide from the lists you follow on foursquare for a particular city

  • A news/wikipedia mashup: alert me whenever I'm near something of significance (history, architecture, ...)

  • A badge unlock map widget: something to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, ...

  • A virtual jukebox at place: what kinds of songs does this bar I'm in play? (Consider using the Soundtracking API?and perhaps crawl some data using the TouchTunes API?)

  • OS X menu extension: "Add this place to my to-do list"

  • Google apps plugin: let me search for and embed a place as I'm typing a message or calendar entry

  • Show how many miles/kilometers you've traveled so far from place to place (or between two checkins in history)

  • Cab/ride share helper based on where you and another might be

  • When given a place, provide a list of suggested places. https://twitter.com/#!/msg/status/113422199901274112

  • Calculate and estimate my carbon footprint. (AMEE's API? http://amee.com/developer)

  • A tool that will notify you of the best times to go to the grocery store, IKEA and shopping for a new puppy by avoiding the lines based on check in times. Hermitsquare

  • An app that uses the accelerometer in your phone to detect when you are moving, and correspondingly reminds you to check in when you aren't/staying still

NASDAQ screen suggestions

A website that uses the Venue Push API to update in realtime showing:

  • First name/face/home town for people checking in

  • A game where people check in to play:

    • giant gauge a la "make some noise"
    • a puzzle where the pieces are removed as people check in
    • a leaderboard of hometown countries for people checking in
  • Visualization of check-ins for all managed venues (which could then be auth'd by Times Square businesses, world landmarks, who knows!)