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Commits on Jun 4, 2015
  1. @amidvidy
  2. @kaloianm

    SERVER-18815 Remove Shard(std::string&) constructor

    kaloianm authored
    This change removes the shard constructor accepting std::string, since
    shard creation should be explicit.
  3. @andy10gen

    SERVER-18277 Stop using OldClientContext in BatchExecutor.

    andy10gen authored
    This simplifies the interaction between write commands and the curop structure.
  4. @amidvidy
  5. @visualzhou
  6. @dannenberg
  7. @jbreams
  8. @milkie

    SERVER-18827 do not force-kill master-slave master; this confuses sla…

    milkie authored
    …ve when running with no journal
  9. @kaloianm
  10. @milkie
  11. @hptabster

    SERVER-18495 Enable FSM replication tests

    hptabster authored
                 Increase oplogSize for tests to 100MB from 40MB (default)
Commits on Jun 3, 2015
  1. @amidvidy
  2. @alabid
  3. @jbreams
  4. @dannenberg
  5. @kaloianm

    SERVER-18791 Remove the explain field from CountRequest

    kaloianm authored
    Instead, the field should be passed in as a parameter to the executor.
  6. @visualzhou
  7. @cswanson310
  8. @coollog @dstorch

    SERVER-18611 use NSDMI instead of having constructor initialize LiteP…

    coollog authored dstorch committed
    …arsedQuery's default data members
    Closes #971
    Signed-off-by: David Storch <>
  9. @amidvidy
  10. @kaloianm
  11. @cswanson310

    SERVER-18799: Improve reliability of max_time_ms.js

    cswanson310 authored
    Tweak the timeouts in the getMore section of the test, and cap the
    number of jobs uses in evergreen at the number of available
    cores on the machine.
  12. @amidvidy

    SERVER-18236 hang slaveOk/secondaryOk and readPreference off OpCtx

    amidvidy authored
    - secondaryOk is upconverted/downconverted from QueryOption_SlaveOk
    - readPreference is upconverted/downconverted from $query wrapped commands or $queryOptions
    - both are now accessed via OperationContext instead of being read from a mutable command object
    - removed logic for parsing secondaryOk and readPreference from the command execution pipeline in dbcommands.cpp
  13. @amidvidy
  14. @amidvidy
  15. @dstorch

    SERVER-17544 find_getmore_bsonsize.js should use a different collecti…

    dstorch authored
    …on than find_getmore_cmd.js
  16. @kaloianm

    SERVER-18791 Rename count command's source file to count_cmd.cpp

    kaloianm authored
    Also cleaned up some includes and the namespace.
  17. @daveh86


    daveh86 authored
Commits on Jun 2, 2015
  1. @GeertBosch
  2. @markbenvenuto
  3. @markbenvenuto
  4. @andy10gen
  5. @andy10gen

    SERVER-14995 Move _killPending from CurOp to OperationContext.

    andy10gen authored
    Also, limit the lifetime of OperationContext in MongoD so that it goes out of
    scope before sending a reply to the client.  This is necessary so that
    operations do not appear in the currentOp command result after the server
    sends a response to the client.
  6. @andy10gen

    Reapply "SERVER-14995 Move operation id, lockState and client fields …

    andy10gen authored
    …to OperationContext."
    This reverts commit e181ea3.
  7. @andy10gen

    Reapply "SERVER-18277 Clarify locking of Client when accessing its st…

    andy10gen authored
    …ored OperationContext."
    This reverts commit 993fc5e.
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