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A more pretty, more usable web dashboard for Apache Oozie, written in Scala.
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Oozie Web

A pretty, more usable dashboard for Apache Oozie built with Scala, Scalatra, and Twitter Bootstrap


code: src/main/scala

web resources: src/main/webapp

config: src/main/resources


  1. cp src/main/resources/ src/main/resources/
  2. edit with your oozieUrl of choice
  3. ./sbt
  4. sbt> container:start
  5. enjoy the view at localhost:8080


This is built and tested against oozie 2.3.2 from Cloudera's CDH3u3 hadoop distribution.

It has not been tested against oozie 3, nor are there any oozie3 features represented currently.


We use a simple deployment method which runs JettyLauncher#main

To build the jar:

./sbt assembly

To Run the jar:

java -jar target/oozie-web-assembly-.jar 8080

This requires the files in src/main/webapp to still be on the filesystem for the jar to find, which isn't ideal, but works for now.

Ideally it would look inside the jar for the files


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


Apache 2.0

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