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This is a Scala implementation of a caller for the foursquare API.
To use, you need to create an HttpCaller object and supply it with your client information (you can get
client credentials at This caller object gets passed into either a
UserlessApp (which makes all requests using only your client secret rather than an access token, so
only a limited set of endpoints are available) or an AuthApp (which requires a user's access token, thus
binding any requests made to that user). To get a user's access token, you need to go through one of the
oauth flows described at There is some support for building
the various oauth urls and making some calls in OAuthFlow.
These apps support multiple request types to interact with the foursquare server. All requests may be
made either raw (returning the json formatted string result of the call) or extracted into Scala case
classes. Basic call and extraction has been tested for all read-only endpoints and a few mutating ones.
Photo endpoints support uploading a photo file via POST. See the test src for examples on how to make
various calls. Multi endpoint is also supported.
To run the tests, you will need to fill out the information missing in test.default.props file (you
should make a test.<username>.props file that will get ignored by git. Please do not submit any
credentials in the persisted test.default.props file).
Please note that this is an unofficial library. As of now I'm still playing around with it to see if it's useful.
During the fall 2011 foursquare hackathon I built a little example project that uses the scala library. You can
see code for it at -- a little brain fart on the
year, there. :)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am nfolkert at foursquare.