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Hi there,

How do you deal with multiple cores? If I add the name of the core to the servers list

def servers = List(Props.get("").open_! + "/books") // Ignore bad practice of .open_! here

then I get the following error

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "8983/books"

How do I specific that it should use a specific core?


holdenk commented May 4, 2012

Oh hmm. We don't currently support multiple cores. I'll add that. (We use two cores, but only for indexing and swapping, we only ever query against the primary core).

@holdenk holdenk was assigned May 4, 2012

Cool thanks :)

As I'm new to Solr I don't know if what I'm doing makes sense. We have information about things like books,
films, bans etc. so my plan was to create a core for each so they could use separate schemas.

holdenk commented May 4, 2012

That sounds reasonable. Our data just happens to be large enough that we have separate solr's for each schema, so our multi-core configuration is only used as an indexing hack

Ah okay. Nice to know that what I'm doing isn't completely out there :)


holdenk commented May 4, 2012

Support has been added. I'll update the docs soon :)

Very awesome! Thanks!

If you could ping me here once you have a new version online that would be great.

holdenk commented May 7, 2012

It is now in 0.9.14 , just override "core" in your model to be Some("coreName"). It should be synced to the central maven in an hour or two.

@holdenk holdenk closed this May 7, 2012


It works like a charm btw.

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