Term queries #36

merged 6 commits into from May 14, 2012
Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. Initial stab at Term queries and filter caching:

    adamalix committed May 10, 2012
    This commit adds the ability to have unanalyzed fields and to also cache filter
    queries to speed up queries on Elasticsearch.
    - Debug commented out line in testUnanalyzed Unit test (ElasticQueryTest:308)
      `"terms" : { "field" : [ [ "value1, "value2" ] ] } ` queries don't work
      because of a SearchParseException.
    - Make SlashemGeoField extend SlashemUnanalyzedStringField
    - Decide what to do for Solr queries on this field type (in the case of
      SlashemGeoField).  Do we want two separate field types one for both backends?
      The current plan is to not implement Term queries for Solr because we receive
      no benefit there.
  2. Changed SlashemGeoField to be unanalyzed:

    adamalix committed May 10, 2012
    - SlashemGeoField now extends SlashemUnanalyzedStringField
    - Fixed extend() for Term[T] queries because of failing unit tests
  3. Added changes from Pull Request 34 feedback:

    adamalix committed May 14, 2012
    - Added Solr tests for Terms queries
    - Added more comprehensive docstrings
    - More comprehensive Elastic Tests
    - Fixed Solr Terms queries