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The ssh hostname should immediately follow the -r parameter.
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1 parent e2ec475 commit 15e26d2e0ed7735c0bbdda7896bfe17f4fc36332 @grissiom grissiom committed with apenwarr May 5, 2011
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@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ This is how you use it:
- If you would also like your DNS queries to be proxied
through the DNS server of the server you are connect to:
- <tt>./sshuttle --dns -rvv username@sshserver 0/0</tt>
+ <tt>./sshuttle --dns -vvr username@sshserver 0/0</tt>
The above is probably what you want to use to prevent
local network attacks such as Firesheep and friends.

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