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Generate your 'strings' files from an existing 'xls' (or 'csv') file so your clients can translate their application by just entering all the value in the xls file. Of course woz will make sure you're able to generate the xls file from the existing strings file.


Install the gem yourself:

$ gem install woz


Generate a configuration file if your not planning to go by the default values:

woz setup

This will generate a '.wozniak' file in your project directory. This file contains the default values, and you can change them according to your needs.

Export to xls

When you want to generate an xls file from your existing 'strings' files you just have to enter the following command:

woz export

Make sure that all the '.lproj' directories are in this directory and that the 'strings' file you specified in the '.wozniak' configuration are inside these '.lproj' directories.

This will generate 1 'xls' file inside this direcory and here you can check out all the used translations.

Export to csv

When you want to generate an csv file from your existing 'strings' files you just have to enter one of the following commands:

woz export --csv
woz export -c

Exporting to csv works the same way as it does for xls.

Export to xls and csv

You can also export tp both formats:

woz export --both

This will generate xls and csv files at the same time.

Import into strings

When you want to do the opposite, that is generate your strings file from an xls file, than you'll just have to run this command:

woz import

Make sure the xls in this directory, and that it has the following columns:

keys (this it the column that defines the key)
nl (the first language with the different strings, in this case Dutch)
en (or English)
fr (or even French)

To make it even more clear, here is a simple representation of the xls file:

keys    nl      fr      en
title   Titel   Titre   Title
name    Name    Nom     Name

This will genereate different '.lproj' directories with the localized files inside of them.

There is also a possibility to generate strings files from a xls file located on a different location on your disk. Just pass the relative or absolute filepath to the 'woz strings' command:

woz strings a_relative_directory/the_file.xls
woz strings /an_absolute_directory/the_file.xls
woz strings ~/an_absolute_directory_inside_your_home_folder/the_file.xls

The same is valid when importing from csv. Only this time you'll have to add '--csv'.

woz import --csv

When adding a custom filepath, this parameter is not important. Wozniak will check the file type and triest to import from xls or csv, whatever works...


This is what I want to implement in the future.

  • Multiple file support.



  • Export to CSV
  • Import from CSV
  • Better script naming (now import and export with custom options)
  • Fix import with custom filepath


  • Add filename/filepath behind the 'woz strings' command in order to use that xls file for strings generation.
  • Better .strings content formatting.
  • Better overwrite confirmation messages.


Check out the LICENSE.txt file. Really awesome reading material...


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