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Chapter Challenges

The Chapter Challenges are like assignments ... well, actually, they are the assignments I use for my class. I've modified these challenges by removing text that is geared for the classroom. Teachers These challenges are available for you (as assignments) to download, along with a course syllabus and outline on the website. The challenges may change over time and new ones may be added, so follow the project to be updated when changes occur!

Domain Registration and Hosting

For the FTP challenge, you'll need to obtain a domain name hosting. The domain registration normally costs around $11 (USD) and domain hosting can be free or paid (depending upon your needs). For some hosting companies, you can get a free domain name when you pay for hosting.

Midterm / Project 1

When you reach chapter 9, you should start to consider working on the "Midterm" project (project no.1)--a marketing or "Call-to-Action" website. The project requires you to create a single website with a few required components.

Final / Project 2

When you complete the book, consider working on the "Final" project (project no.2)--developing a personal website. The project requires you to create a website with multiple pages (or sections) with a few required components (portfolio showcasing your work).


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