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Dice Roller is a small Android app that rolls dice and calculates the results for them. It provides specialized interfaces for different roll playing systems to suit their rule structure. All systems will maintain a history of previously rolled results, allow easy entry of new rolls with the trackball, and one touch re-roll of earlier rolls. Additionally, you can prevent the phone from sleeping while the app is running.

The interface is designed for easy one handed operation, so the trackball can be used to change the details of a roll or to make the roll.

Dice Roller currently includes support for a generic system and White Wolf’s Exalted System. Please email me at matt dot fowles at gmail with suggestion for new systems to support. If you can provide a brief description of the system or a link to its rules, I will be even more likely to implement it.

Generic System

The generic system allows the user to roll mDn dice, count the total, and tell you the individual rolls.

Exalted System

The exalted system allows the user to specify how many dice are in their dice pool and whether they are rolling for damage. It will then roll that number and count the successes (counting 10’s as two successes for non-damage rolls). Additionally, it will track botches and report the individual rolls.