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Aporia is an IDE for the Nimrod programming language. Aporia uses GTK as the default toolkit, and the gtksourceview for the text editor component.

Aporia on Windows 7


To compile Aporia you need the latest version of the Nimrod compiler, preferably the unstable release from github. Aporia sometimes relies on bug fixes which have not yet made it to a stable release.

Once you have a working Nimrod compiler, all you need to do is nimrod c aporia.nim

Compiling from C sources

If you do not want to get the nimrod compiler you can still compile Aporia from the generated C sources, it's as simple as executing the script (or build.bat on Windows). You can then also use to install Aporia.


  • GTK
  • GtkSourceView
  • PCRE

Installation instructions:



If you already have GTK+ on your system, you don't need to do anything. Just make sure GTK+ is in your PATH.

If you don't have GTK+ installed then you need to install it. You can get the latest version from here. Make sure that the installer adds GTK+ to the PATH.


The GtkSourceView doesn't have an installer, however binaries are available from here (win64). Just pick the latest version and download the archive then copy the files/folders in the archive into the directory that gtk is installed in.


GtkSourceView depends on libxml2-2. This should be downloaded from here (win64). And the contents of it should be copied to the directory that GTK was installed in.


The dll for this can be found in Nimrod's repo, in the "dist" directory. Just copy it into aporia's directory or somewhere into your PATH.


Use your package manager to install the dependencies.

Mac OS X

I don't have a Mac. So I have no idea, if you could write a guide and let me know of its existence it would be greatly appreciated.

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