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Nimrod binding of SFML 2.0 (legacy software)


This wrapper is outdated. Please use this newer CSFML wrapper:

Nimrod binding of SFML 2.0

This is only tested for Linux at the moment

What is needed for Windows / OS X?

  • The library names need filling in
  • TWindowHandle is handled differently on those platforms

I believe that is it

C++ caveats

At this point in time Nimrod needs a little work to support C++ constructors. If you do var window = Window(args) this will not work, because sf::Window overrides the = operator. Instead, you should declare the window and then call the #create method on it: var window: TRenderWindow; window.create(args). Most of the SFML interface is like this: var font: TFont; font.loadFromFile("somefont.ttf")

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