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Quantum Insert detection for Bro-IDS

Fox-IT made a proof of concept policy for Bro-IDS to detect QUANTUMINSERT attacks. This policy using the tcp_packet event has now been deprecated in favour for a patch that improves the rexmit_inconsistency event.

The README and the old policy utilizing the tcp_packet event can still be found here.

Patches are available for following stable Bro versions:

We hope it will be patched upstream as well.

The patch has been merged in https://github.com/bro/bro/commit/c1f060be63ad72d37b37e5649887d4c047c116e1 on 28 June 2015.

Patch for rexmit_inconsistency

This patch fixes the rexmit_inconsistency event for Quantum Insert attacks. See also the Bro ticket (BIT-1314) regarding detection of QUANTUM INSERT.

The patch improves the TCP_Reassembler class so that it can keep a history of old TCP segments. How many segments it will track can be configured using the tcp_max_old_segments option. A value of zero will disable it. We recommend setting it to a low number, such as 10:

const tcp_max_old_segments = 10 &redef;

This will mean that every TCP session will keep a maximum of 10 extra TCP segments in memory which is still reasonable.

An overlapping segment with different data can indicate a possible TCP injection attack.

Applying the patch

Unpack the Bro 2.3.2 source:

tar -zxvf bro-2.3.2.tar.gz

Apply the patch

git apply < rexmit_inconsistency-bro-2.3.2.patch

Configure and make as normal.

Testing the patch

You can use the following example policy for testing:

const tcp_max_old_segments = 10 &redef;
event rexmit_inconsistency(c: connection, t1: string, t2: string)
    print(fmt("POSSIBLE QUANTUM INSERT: %s: %s <> %s\n", c$id, t1, t2));

Save it as test-qi-patch.bro and test it against one of our QI pcaps:

bro --no-checksums -r qi_internet_SYNACK_curl_jsonip.pcap test-qi-patch.bro

You should see the following on stdout:

POSSIBLE QUANTUM INSERT: [orig_h=, orig_p=39976/tcp, resp_h=, resp_p=80/tcp]: HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M^JContent-Length: 5^M^J^M^JBANG! <> HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M^JServer: nginx/1.4.4^M^JDate:^J


The default weirds.bro already logs the rexmit_inconsistency event as Conn::Retransmission_Inconsistency. Just ensure that you define the tcp_max_old_segments variable in your Bro config, e.g. in init-bare.bro.