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Command line based editor. Written in Nim.
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Build Status License: GPL v3


A command line based editor inspired by vi/vim written in Nim.

This project's goal is a very customizable, high productivity, high performance and funny animation editor.



  • Written in Nim

  • Adopt GapBuffer

  • UTF-8 and other encodings support (Incomplete)

  • Vim like mode (Normal, Insert, Visual, Replace, Ex, Filer)

  • Vim like keybinds

  • Infinite undo/redo

  • Syntax highlighting (Nim, C, C++, C#, Java, Yaml)

  • Configuration file

  • Live reload of configuration file

  • Multiple file buffers

  • Split window

  • Tab line

  • Simple file manager

  • Auto close paren

  • Simple auto indent

  • Real time search

  • Auto save

  • Suggestions in ex mode

  • Pop-up window

Planned features

  • Configuration mode

  • Supports regular expression and PEG

  • Supports EditorConfig

  • Window management

  • Syntax checker

  • Auto-complete

  • Spell checker

  • Macros

  • Terminal

  • Git support

  • Select data structures

  • Edit files over ssh

  • Language Server Protocol

  • Fuzzy search

  • Plugins

  • Supports huge file

  • Funny animation...


nimble install moe


The origin of the name

moe is a recursive acronym for "moe is an optimal editor".
And one more, it comes from the Japanese slang 萌え(moe).

Contribute and bug report



GNU General Public License version 3

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