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* Added permanent links to documentation of |foxbms| 1. The base URL for

  |foxbms| 1 related downloads and documentation is

  The latest version of the |foxbms| 1 documentation is now found at Previous

  versions of the project documnetation can be found at The doxygen

  documentation of the latest version is found at

  for the primary MCU and at

  for the secondary MCU. Previous versions of the doxygen documentation can be

  found at


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foxBMS is a free, open and flexible development environment to design battery management systems. It is the first modular open source BMS development platform.

The foxconda environment: This environment provides all the tools necessary to generate the documentation, compile the code for the MCUs and flash the generated binaries on the MCUs (e.g., Python, git, GCC). foxconda can be downloaded here.

The starting point to get foxBMS is the foxBMS repository at, which contains all files for the foxBMS project.

foxBMS Repository

  • In foxbms\documentation the configuration of the doxygen documentation for the primary and secondary MCU can be found.
  • The software for the MCUs is found in foxbms\embedded-software. This includes the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), the real-time operating system FreeRTOS and the BMS application itself.
  • The layout and schematic files for the foxBMS hardware are found in the foxbms\hardware.
  • The build toolchain and other tools related to foxBMS are found in foxbms\tools.

A generated version of the Sphinx documentation can be found at It explains the structure of the foxBMS hardware, how to install the foxconda environment and how to use foxconda to compile and flash the sources.

Building the Sources

For building the software, open a shell and type python tools\waf --help. All available build options will be displayed. The top build directory is foxbms\build.