A tool for looking up words in New Manchu-Chinese Dictionary 新滿漢大詞典
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Hitoshi Kuribayashi launched an online dictionary (満洲語辞典) in early 2017 (?) which provides item and full text search of 新滿漢大詞典 and 滿漢大辞典. There are also other searchable electronic Manchu-Chinese dictionaries such as the Anami dictionary on iOS. As a result, this tool has become less useful.

This tool provides fast querying for the A Comprehensive Manchu-Chinese Dictionary (《新滿漢大詞典》).

For a beginner who does not know the meaning of most words in Manchu texts, it can be quite time-consuming to look up those words in a paper-based dictionary. Even a scholar with considerable ability in reading Manchu may encounter new words in Manchu primary resources. Written in python, this small tool can save a lot of time by telling the user the location of a word in the two dictionaries, or presenting the exact page directly to the user (a PDF reader is required for this function).

基本使用方法: 運行dict.exe,輸入要查找的單詞。拉丁轉寫暫時遵循《新滿漢大詞典》的規定(不是很好,有待改進)。

功能: 1、顯示單詞所在頁數(pdf文件頁數,非詞典內頁數)。由於下列原因,該頁數不一定完全準確:單詞可能不存在,在上一頁中也有該單詞的詞條內容,索引錯誤,或詞典內容錯誤。 2、使用第三方的pdf瀏覽軟件打開該單詞所在頁。 3、保存查詢記錄(單詞,頁數,查詢時間)


By Yize Hu, yizehu@gmail.com, 27/5/2014. Written with python 2.7.