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gpmdp-np 1.0.0

Google Play Music Desktop Player - Now Playing

A tool to export the currently playing song (and relevant metadata) to a file

Requirements to Run

  • Google Play Music Desktop Player 4.0.0 or Higher
  • The WebSocket API is enabled in GPMDP

Requirements to Build

  • go1.7


A configuration file, config.toml, must be present to run gpmdp-np. A sample configuration file is included.

Configuration Keys | Key | Usage | | ------------- | ------------- | | UpdateTextOnPause | If true, the output text will be set to '' while no song is playing. | DownloadTrackCover | If true, the track's cover art will be downloaded to cover.png.

Output Files

At least one array entry of an Output must be specified. Feel free to include as many as you wish.

Output Keys | Key | Usage | | ------------- | ------------- | | Path | The relative path to the file. (Note: this should not be prefixed with ./ to indicate the current directory) | Format | A string representing the output this file should contain. See the Format Types section on what keys can be placed in this string.

Format Types

Key Becomes
{{track}} The title of the track
{{artist}} The artist of the track
{{album}} The name of the album