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SQL-based storage backend for go-imap. Work in progress.
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SQL-based storage backend for go-imap libraries.


Go 1.11 is required because we are using modules. Things may work on older versions but these configurations will not be supported.

RDBMS support

go-imap-sql is known to work with (and constantly being tested against) following RDBMS:

  • SQLite 3.25.0
  • MySQL 5.7 (or MariaDB 10.2)
  • PostgreSQL 9.6

Note: MySQL 5.7 support is deprecated since it's addition and not even strictly safe to use. Please stick to using newer versions (MySQL 8 or compatible MariaDB version) when possible.

IMAP Extensions Supported

Due to go-imap architecture, some extensions require support from used backend. Here are extensions supported by go-imap-sql:


go-imap-sql never invalidates UIDs in an existing mailbox. If mailbox is DELETE'd then UIDVALIDITY value changes.

Unlike many popular IMAP server implementations, go-imap-sql uses randomly generated UIDVALIDITY values instead of timestamps.

This makes several things easier to implement with less edge cases. And answer to the question you are already probably asked: To make go-imap-sql malfunction you need to get Go's PRNG to generate two equal integers in range of [1, 2^32-1] just at right moment (seems unlikely enough to ignore it). Even then, it will not cause much problems due to the way most client implementations work.

go-imap-sql uses separate math/rand.Rand instance and seeds it with system time on initialization (in NewBackend).

You can provide custom pre-seeded struct implementing math/rand.Source in Opts struct (PRNG field).


You can use go-imap-sql as part of the maddy mail server.


For direct access to database you can use imapsql-ctl console utility. See more information in separate README here.

go install
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