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@foxcpp foxcpp released this Aug 9, 2021 · 20 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Experimental: Built-in ACME client (GH #3)

Currently supports only dns-01 challenge with a limited set of
providers. See documentation for details.

  • S3-backed storage for message contents (GH #304)

  • Local sender authorization (GH #268)

  • LDAP BindDN authentication (GH #273)

  • storage/imapsql: Implement auth_map

  • storage/imapsql: Implement delivery_map

This functionality allows imapsql storage backend to be correctly
used with non-email-based authentication providers.
In particular, this unbreaks PAM and shadow modules.

  • Implement table.chain module

  • Implement table.email_localpart as a helper to strip domain from emails


  • Implement client timeouts for target.remote and target.smtp
  • endpoint/smtp: Add max_header_size


  • check/spf: Change default action for softfail to 'ignore'
  • endpoint/smtp: Allow to change the line length limit enforced by go-smtp
  • table/sql_query: Allow to use numbered parameters in queries
  • auth/plain_separate: Make configuration directives actually work
  • table/file: Allow table to be created without specifying files in inline args
  • config/tls: Fix custom loader configuration reading

Removed functionality

  • check/dns: Mark require_matching_echo as deprecated
  • config/tls: Remove deprecated "tls CERT KEY" syntax
  • Remove deprecated 0.3 module name aliases
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