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A command-line Android log viewer
Python Shell
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logdog is a command line utility for viewing the log of an Android device (commonly referred to as logcat).

logdog is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see $REPO/LICENSE.txt).


logdog requires Python 3.3 or later. If you're using Arch Linux, just run

# $REPO/scripts/

Then copy or syslink $REPO/src/logdog to a directory on your $PATH and make sure it's executable

# chmod +x path/to/logdog


View the log

# logdog

Press Ctrl+C to exit.

Get help

# logdog -h

Show only warnings and errors

# logdog -l warn

The log levels are, in order of severity:

  1. error
  2. warn
  3. info
  4. debug
  5. verbose

Only entries as or more severe than the given log level will be shown. The default is debug.

Ignore entries with the tag dalvikvm

# logdog -et dalvikvm

-et stands for exclude tag.

Include only those entries with the tag dalvikvm

# logdog -it dalvikvm

-it stands for include tag.

Includes and excludes (collectively filters) are Python regular expressions. Exclude entries where the message contains at least one numeral

# logdog -em '\d'

Multiple filters of the same type can be specified. Show only entries where the tag is either dalvikvm or power

# logdog -it dalvikvm -it power

For a message to be printed, it must be accepted by at least one inclusion filter (if any are specified) and rejected by all exclusion filters.

Append entries to a file for inspection later

# logdog -o device.log

Get entries from a file, instead of a device,

# logdog -f device.log
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