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VERSION 4 - updated to work even after reloading the page.

VERSION 3 - updated for latest Chrome, now with dark theme support.

VERSION 2 - improved UI, can work with any stream, even outside of the Meiosis pattern; no longer requires meiosis as a dependency.

Meiosis-Tracer is a development and debugging tool that traces, rewinds, and replays snapshots of streams such as flyd and Mithril Stream.

You can also directly enter your own snapshots and send the values onto the streams. This works particularly well in Meiosis applications. Of course, Meiosis-Tracer also works with Meiosis's Simple Stream.

You can use Meiosis-Tracer either by adding it to a page of your web application, or as a Chrome DevTools Extension.

Please refer to the Meiosis-Tracer Documentation for all the details.

Meiosis is developed by foxdonut (@foxdonut00) and is released under the MIT license.