Try to reborn NOMP. Only for devs.
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We are trying to reborn NOMP. Need contributors!

Neoscrypt algo fixed

Node Open Mining Portal consists from 3 main modules:

Stratum Pool can be replaced with node-merged-pool (it's made in UNOMP) Adding new algos threw Node Multihashing libraries.

Current version: v1.0.11


git clone pool
cd pool
npm install
node init.js


  • Node 8.x.x or higher
  • Coin daemon
  • Redis Server

Run in Docker

  1. Correct configs appropriately to your environment in docker directory
  2. cd docker
  3. docker build -t nomp .
  4. docker run -d --name nomp -v $(pwd)/config:/opt/config nomp

You will need to expose some ports to make it accessible from outside. You can achieve this by adding option -p HOST_PORT:CONTAINER_PORT in 4th step

You can see the logs of the server with docker logs -f nomp, or jump into container with docker exec -it nomp.

Hashing algorithms


Algorithm Comment
lyra2z Working with Zcoin. Infinex need testing
NeoScrypt Onexcoin, working, need tests on other coins!
? Groestl tested only shares with AuroraCoin, blocks not tested
? Scrypt tested with AntiLiteCoin, 1CREDIT, ArgusCoin, WAYAWOLFCOIN and many others
? SHA256 tested with VCOIN, don't use with BTC, no Segwit tested
? X11 tested with BrainCoin, CannabisCoin, AdzCoin and many others
? X16r tested with RavenCoin

Need tests

Algorithm Comment
? Argon2 need tests
? Blake need tests
? Blake2S need tests
? Cryptonight need tests
? Dcrypt need tests
? Decred need tests
? Fresh need tests
? Fugue need tests
? GroestlMyriad need tests
? Qubit Shares works, blocks finding, but error 'We thought a block was found but it was rejected by the daemon'. No blocks presented in pools web interface
? Quark need tests
? Hefty1 need tests
? Keccak need tests
? Lbry need tests
? lyra2re need tests
? lyra2re2 need tests
? lyra2rev2 need tests
? lyra2z330 need tests
? NIST5 need tests
? S3 need tests
? Scrypt-N need tests
? Scrypt-OG need tests
? Sha1 need tests
? SHAvite-3 need tests
? Skein need tests
? X11Ghost need tests
? X13 need tests
? X14 need tests
? X15 need tests
? Yescrypt need tests
? zr5 need tests
? ziftr need tests

Don't work yet

Algorithm Comment
- Scrypt-Jane submitblock not working tested with CacheCoin, Yacoin



If you are going to test ZCoin (lyra2z) on testnet, make sure you are uncommented proper lines in transactions.js in

There is a payment-fixes branch where i fixed previous blockHash problem and corrected payouts. Check it out in this and stratum server module.



Released under the GNU General Public License v2