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This code is no longer maintained - for a newer implementation see


Local Privilege Escalation from Windows Service Accounts to SYSTEM

For a technical overview of this exploit see our blog post at


  1. Compile.
  2. Use ILMerge to combine Potato.exe, SharpCifs.dll NHttp.dll, and Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop.dll. This will produce a single, portable binary.
  3. Get a meterpreter shell on the target system
  4. use incognito
  5. Run the binary from step.2
  6. impersonate_token "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM"

It is important to impersonate the token (or run list_tokens -u) quickly after runnning the binary. With the current implementation, the token seems to disappear shortly after the binary is run. It is also important to follow the order of the steps. Make sure you "use incognito" before running the binary.

See videos at and for example.