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Personal website of Leo Liang.
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Mouton Project

The Mouton Project is the personal website of me, Leo Liang.

Who are you? / Who is Leo Liang?

I am an Information Science student studying at Cornell University. To learn more about me, go to, where a live version of this repo is up and running!

Why are you making this repo available on GitHub?

While I understand that very few people might actually care about my personal website, I put the source out in case anyone wants to take a look at what happens under the hood. If you are learning React/Next.js or something web development-related I hope maybe my website can serve as a bit of an inspiration.

Of course, if you want to discuss this repo with me, go to and send me a message!

What is this website made of?

These are the packages listed in my package.json. Of course, they have many other dependencies like webpack, Babel, to name a few.

Can I use code in this project for my own personal/commercial project?

Of course!

The license of this repo is MIT. Basically, feel free to use this for personal, commercial, and/or private use with or without modification. However, if anything goes wrong, I shall not be held liable.

Have fun!

How to use?

If you just want to take a look at a live version of this website, go to

  • Clone this repo.
  • yarn install

Next you will need SplitText to continue. SplitText is a JavaScript utility that allows breaking text into words, characters, and lines. It is part of GreenSock Animation Platform's Club Greensock perks, which means you will have to pay for it. Check SplitText for more details. After you got the SplitText, put the npm version of SplitText into the greensock directory of this repo. Refer to GreenSock readme to learn more.

Now run yarn dev.

Voilà ! You now have a dev version up and running at localhost:3000.

For a production version, after yarn install, do:

  • yarn build
  • yarn start

Deployment is done automatically by ZEIT Now. You do not need to configure anything code-wise. To manually deploy to ZEIT Now, you need the Now GUI or CLI and a ZEIt account. To enable automatic deployment, you will want to clone this repo and push it to a new one that you can create on GitHub or GitLab. See ZEIT Now docs for more information.

Wait, what is that "I have to pay" thing?

Check here for more details.

What does "mouton" mean?

It means "sheep" in French.

It comes from my favourite book, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by Antoine De St Exupery:

S'il vous plaît... dessine-moi un mouton ! (Please... draw me a sheep!)

Backend Repo

Backend is the server-side stuff that support the website. They are in a different repo here.

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