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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8
News generator for creating joplin notes
The script use the webclipper service port - Enable the service from the menu "Tools > Webclipper option"
python run
Have Fun
# std lib
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import datetime
from logging import getLogger
import time
# django
from django.conf import settings
# project
from jong.models import Rss
# external lib
import asks
import arrow
import feedparser
import pypandoc
import trio
# create logger
logger = getLogger('jong.jong')
class Core:
def _update_date(self, rss_id):
update the database table with the execution date
:param rss_id: id to update
:return: nothing
now = arrow.utcnow().to(settings.TIME_ZONE).format('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ssZZ')
def get_published(self, entry):
get the 'published' attribute
:param entry:
:return: datetime
published = None
if hasattr(entry, 'published_parsed'):
if entry.published_parsed is not None:
published = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(time.mktime(entry.published_parsed))
elif hasattr(entry, 'created_parsed'):
if entry.created_parsed is not None:
published = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(time.mktime(entry.created_parsed))
elif hasattr(entry, 'updated_parsed'):
if entry.updated_parsed is not None:
published = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(time.mktime(entry.updated_parsed))
return published
def _get_content(self, data, which_content):
check which content is present in the Feeds to return the right one
:param data: feeds content
:param which_content: one of content/summary_detail/description
content = ''
if data.get(which_content):
if isinstance(data.get(which_content), feedparser.FeedParserDict):
content = data.get(which_content)['value']
elif not isinstance(data.get(which_content), str):
if 'value' in data.get(which_content)[0]:
content = data.get(which_content)[0].value
content = data.get(which_content)
return content
def get_content(self, entry):
which content to return ?
:param entry:
:return: the body of the RSS data
content = self._get_content(entry, 'content')
if content == '':
content = self._get_content(entry, 'summary_detail')
if content == '':
if entry.get('description'):
content = entry.get('description')
return content
async def get_data(self, url_to_parse, bypass_bozo=False):
read the data from a given URL or path to a local file
:param url_to_parse:
:param bypass_bozo: boolean to ignore not well formed Feeds
:return: Feeds if Feeds well formed
data = await asks.get(url_to_parse)
data = feedparser.parse(data.text)
# if the feeds is not well formed, return no data at all
if bypass_bozo is False and data.bozo == 1:
data.entries = ''"%s: is not valid. You can tick the checkbox 'Bypass Feeds error ?' to force the process" %
return data
async def create_note_content(self, entry, name):
convert the HTML "body" into Markdown
:param entry:
:param name:
# call pypandoc to convert html to markdown
content = pypandoc.convert(self.get_content(entry), settings.PYPANDOC_MARKDOWN, format='html')
content += '\n[Provided by {}]({})'.format(name,
return content
async def get_folders(self):
get the list of all the folders of the joplin profile
res = await asks.get("{}/folders".format(settings.JOPLIN_WEBCLIPPER))
return res.json()
async def create_note(self, entry, rss):
Post a new note to the JoplinWebclipperServer
:param entry:
:param rss:
:return: boolean
# get the content of the Feeds
content = await self.create_note_content(entry=entry,
# build the json data
folders = await self.get_folders()
notebook_id = 0
for folder in folders:
if folder.get('title') == rss.notebook:
notebook_id = folder.get('id')
if notebook_id == 0:
for folder in folders:
if 'children' in folder:
for child in folder.get('children'):
if child.get('title') == rss.notebook:
notebook_id = child.get('id')
data = {'title': entry.title,
'body': content,
'parent_id': notebook_id,
res = await"{}/notes".format(settings.JOPLIN_WEBCLIPPER), json=data)
if res.status_code == 200:
self._update_date("%s: article added %s" % (, entry.title))
async def go():
res = await asks.get('{}/ping'.format(settings.JOPLIN_WEBCLIPPER))
if res.text == 'JoplinClipperServer':
core = Core()
data = Rss.objects.filter(status=True)
async with trio.open_nursery() as n:
for rss in data:"reading %s" %
date_triggered = arrow.get(rss.date_triggered).to(settings.TIME_ZONE)
now = arrow.utcnow().to(settings.TIME_ZONE)
# retrieve the data
feeds = await core.get_data(rss.url, rss.bypass_bozo)
for entry in feeds.entries:
# entry.*_parsed may be None when the date in a RSS Feed is invalid
# so will have the "now" date as default
published = core.get_published(entry)
if published:
published = arrow.get(str(published)).to(settings.TIME_ZONE)
# create md file only for unread item (when publish is less than last triggered execution
if date_triggered is not None and published is not None and now >= published >= date_triggered:
n.start_soon(core.create_note, entry, rss)
else:'Check "Tools > Webclipper options" if the service is enable')
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