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🐍 📚 Web application companion for Joplin
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Joplin Web : The BackEnd

A Web application for JoplinApp

why that project ?

Because it may happened we need to access to JoplinApp without having access to our smartphone or the Joplin Desktop, and a Web Application could to the trick at a given moment.



python3 -m venv joplin-web
cd joplin-web
source bin/activate
git clone
cd joplin-web
pip install -r requirements.txt


copy env.sample to .env

then set at least this parm:

  • the JOPLIN_WEBCLIPPER_TOKEN you have in the Webclipper config page in Joplin
  • the JOPLIN_RESOURCES to find the files of joplin and being able to load them in the editori

the config file is commented to be able to help you to fill the parameters, like HTTP_PORT, PAGINATOR or DEBUG


to be able to manage the joplin note from the web app, we need to start :

  • if you are on your workstation just start "Joplin Desktop"
  • if you are using joplin on a dedicated server, you can start "joplin headless", as follow
joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop/ server start
Server is already running on port 41184

joplin headless is available with the "joplin terminal" version (since build 147), you can install like that

NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.joplin-bin npm install -g joplin
sudo ln -s ~/.joplin-bin/bin/joplin /usr/bin/joplin

(have a look at for more details)

once this is running, start the backend part of joplin-web app like this

python &
Joplin Web - Starlette powered
Started server process [10043]
Waiting for application startup.
Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

Joplin-front : The Frontend

see joplin-web/joplin-vue/ file

Joplin web

# Joplin-web : Docker

if you prefer to run the project from docker :

see joplin-web/ for details

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