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@@ -21,13 +21,13 @@ All sources (except source/vaultgui) can be compiled with >=GCC 4.9 (std::thread
* source/makefile (main application, Windows only)
* source/vaultserver/ (dedicated server, Windows)
* source/vaultserver/makefile.unix (dedicated server, Linux)
* source/vaultmaster/makefile (master server, Linux)
* source/vaultmaster/ (master server, Windows)
* source/vaultmaster/makefile.unix (master server, Linux)
* source/vaultscript/makefile (default C++ script, Linux)

Code::Blocks project files are available for the parts for which there are no makefiles yet:

* source/vaultmpdll/vaultmpDLL.cbp
* source/vaultmaster/vaultmaster.cbp
* source/vaultscript/vaultscript.cbp

# Scripting

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