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# Andrew Disley: Front-end Skeleton
# Minimal configuration see for full options
permalink: /:categories/:title
markdown: rdiscount
pygments: true
safe: false
# Author
author: "Fox ZoOL"
author_url: ""
# Site Title, Site Name (used for compressed js) Site ID (used on <body> element), Domain, URLs, Google Analytics ID
title: "ZoOL => Blog"
name: "ZoOL-me"
id: ZoOL-me
url: /
assets_url: /assets/
#assets_cache_buster: ?v=0.1
google_analytics_id: UA-20255130-2
# Set the environment used to include production specific assets and enable Google Analytics
# development, staging, production
env: production
# Excluded files, jekyll excludes files that begin with an underscore
exclude: ['.htaccess', 'README', 'Rakefile', 'Gemfile', 'Gemfile.lock']