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So you want to contribute to Forge & Illusion? Awesome!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create an issue and tag it as bug or enhancement, depending on the nature of the issue.

If it’s a bug, remember to describe how to reproduce it. If it’s a new feature, try to describe your idea as well as you possibly can.

If you plan to implement or fix it yourself, assign yourself to the issue. If not, you are done here. Otherwise, keep on reading.

2. Fork the repository on GitHub

3. Create a new branch into the forked project.

Feature branches are named FTR-ISSUENO_SHORT_DESC (e.g. FTR-1_CREATE_FOLDER references into issue Bug branches are named similarly as BUG-ISSUENO_SHORT_DESC (e.g. BUG-3_FORUM_COUNT references into issue

Command for creating new branches is as follows:

git checkout devel -b FTR-ISSUENO_SHORT_DESC

4. Push your branch into your fork

git push BRANCH_NAME

5. Add the original repository as remote

git remote add upstream

Now you can keep up with development of the original project by pulling changes from its devel branch:

git pull upstream devel

6. Make changes and commit.

Please try to use small commits to make the review easier on us.

7. Merge

When the feature is done or the bug fixed, you should merge your branch into the fni devel branch.

First of all pull changes from upstream:

git pull upstream devel

Resolve all conflicts if you have any.

8. Test

Test your changes against merged code and run unit tests

Command to run unit tests is:

mvn clean verify -Pit

9. Push and send a pull request

Push your code into the GitHub and send a pull request from the feature / bug branch into fni devel branch in GitHub.

10. Be very proud of yourself.

Any questions, hit us up at

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