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package edu.ucla.sspace
import edu.ucla.sspace.basis.StringBasisMapping
import edu.ucla.sspace.matrix.MatrixIO
import edu.ucla.sspace.matrix.MatrixIO.Format
import edu.ucla.sspace.matrix.SymmetricMatrix
import edu.ucla.sspace.matrix.Matrix
object ExtractUMassStats {
def main(args: Array[String]) {
val EMPTY = ""
// Create a basis mapping so that each word gets a unique index, and also give
// the empty string a unique index so that we can easily represent the word
// occurring with other words in a context that are not tracked. After loading
// each word, set the basis mapping to read only so that we only record counts
// for the known list of words.
val basis = new StringBasisMapping()
// Now create an array to store co-occurrence counts for each word we care
// about.
val wocCounts:Matrix = new SymmetricMatrix(basis.numDimensions, basis.numDimensions)
// Now iterate through each wikipedia corpus and exctract each sliding window
// and create a co-occurrence count for each word pair within each window
var totalCounts = 0
for ( document <- Source.fromFile(args(2), "ISO-8859-1").getLines ) {
val Array(label, text) = document.split("\\t", 2)
val wordIds = text.split("\\s+")
// Add a count for each word occurring in a document.
for (wordId <- wordIds)
wocCounts.add(wordId, wordId, 1)
// Compute the combinations of each word pair and increment the counts.
for (List(w1, w2) <- wordIds.toList.combinations(2))
wocCounts.add(w1, w2, 1)
for (r <- 0 until wocCounts.rows;
c <- r until wocCounts.columns ) {
val denom = wocCounts.get(c, c)
val joint = wocCounts.get(r, c) / denom
wocCounts.set(r, c, joint)
MatrixIO.writeMatrix(wocCounts, new File(args(1)), Format.SVDLIBC_SPARSE_TEXT)
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