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Twitter Shadow Bot Kit

Make a quick and dirty markov twitter bot based on a target Twitter account. Seed your data once with the scraper, then keep your corpus up to date with SQLite persistence.


First setup a config.json as follows:

  twitterConsumerKey: "<your Twitter consumer key>",
  twitterConsumerSecret: "<your Twitter consumer secret>",
  accessTokenKey: "<your Twitter access token key>",
  accessTokenSecret: "<your Twitter access token secret>",
  dbFile: "<filename of sqlite db (will be created if doesn't exist)>"

You'll probably want to get these from the Twitter account that you created for the bot. Otherwise you may create posts on your own Twitter timeline!

Then we will collect tweets from the Twitter API and store them in our DB by running the scrapeTweets script. It's usage is detailed below:

node scrapeTweets.js <twitter handle> -i <flag indicating initial scrape [optional]>

The -i flag is meant to be run on a first "scrape", as it will log tweets from the specified handle from most recent to oldest. Without the -i flag, the scraper will instead look for tweets after the latest logged tweet.

Now we can make our first bot generated tweet, by running node makeTweet.js. Check your bot's timeline, it will have posted a tweet constructed from the data we gathered earlier!

From here you can use cron to schedule your tweeting and scraping as necessary.