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Functional Programming Challenges and such
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fp-challenges Join us on Slack

A set of functional programming challenges to solve.

  • The list of challenges by date added are in the file.
  • The topic list we hope to cover are in the file.
  • We aim to keep these language-agnostic.
    • We suggest languages for the challenges. We focus more on the concepts rather than the specific language where we can.

For more information (including discussions/potential solutions to each problem) take a look at our wiki.

Getting Started

To get started, fork the repository and begin working away at a problem!

Once you have a solution worked out, discuss it with others! See what they came up with and learn together.

Submitting a new problem

If you would like to submit a problem:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a new directory with the date (format of YYYY-MM-dd)
  3. Add a README which explains the goals of the challenge and explains how to run and test the code.
  4. Add any files needed to get started (index.js, Main.fsx, tests, dependency files like package.json, etc).
  5. Submit a PR with the label enhancement added. We will discuss and merge it in for others to enjoy!

Questions, problems, or want to talk solutions?

Join us on Slack!

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