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OFELIA Control Framework (OCF) is a set of software tools for testbed management. It controls experimentation life-cycle; reservation, instantiation, configuration, monitoring and uninstantiation.


  • Full software stack: front-end, clearinghouse and resources managers (AMs)
  • Support for management of Openflow, Virtual Machines (currently XEN) and Emulab resources.

OCF has been deployed for OFELIA FP7 project testbed, the European Openflow testbed. The ideas behind its architecture are heavily influenced by the experience of other testbed management tools and GENI architectural concepts. Take a look at Overview section for more details.

Wiki contents

####Experimenting with OCF

####Administering OCF

####Contributing to OCF


OFELIA Control Framework is being actively developed and used as the production CF by OFELIA FP7 project's testbed, within the WP5 activities.

Expedient and Opt-In Manager were adapted from the software gracefully provided by Stanford University.


Contact any of the following persons for further information:

  • marc.sune @
  • { leonardo.bergesio | carlos.bermudo | carolina.fernandez } @

Related software projects

  • The PyPElib library helps to build rule-based Policy Engine(s) within a certain scope of action.
  • The ofver library is a tool used in OCF package to automate installation and upgrade procedures.


OCF is released under BSD license.

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