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Simple instructions for Certificate Generation Scripts

This folder contains three main .sh scripts:


Configuration files for each of those scripts can be found in the the ./etc/ subfolder

Additionally, in case you don't care about compatibility with the PKI provided in this repository, we provide a further script:


Its use is however not encouraged; see Generating a new CA below for more info.

###Generating a certificate

To generate a certificate (e.g. a component certificate), follow these steps:

  1. open the corresponding configuration file (./etc/component.conf)
  2. modify the SAN field (e.g. replace with
  3. modify the fields in the [component_dn] section (you will be prompted for these fields while running the script, so you can also modify them later)
  4. run and follow the instructions:
    • enter filename of your certificate
    • enter PEM passphrase (passphrase to open your encrypted certificate)
    • enter the Distinguished Name
    • enter the root-ca passphrase (mPlan3_CA)
    • re-enter PEM passphrase
  5. Certificate created in PKI/ca/certs/

###Generating a new CA:

IMPORTANT: You can create your own CA and generate certificates dependent from that CA, but these will not be compatible with certificates provided in this repository. If you want to keep compatibility, use the provided CA (follow the steps in Generating a certificate)

To generate a new CA, run and follow the instructions:

  • enter PEM passphrase (passphrase to open your encrypted certificate)
  • re-enter PEM passphrase

The certificate will be created in PKI/ca/root-ca/, and the directory structure for the PKI will also be created in PKI/ca/