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+= Synopsis
+Have you ever wanted to run a simple command, but the command needed a configuration file? You could create a configuration file, but if you want to run the command slightly different you have to change the configuration file again... at this point I normally gave up - but now the solution is 'it'.
+Inline Template: Crate a "wrapper" command that contains a configurable configuration file inline. Use pure ruby and ERB to create your configuration on the fly, and the command will be executed for you.
+== Example
+I wanted to create a simple "Lenny" bootstraped jail with multistrap, I thought I could run something like:
+ root@localhost# multistrap --suite lenny --directory /tmp/lenny_chroot
+But when running the command, this is the result:
+ root@localhost# multistrap
+ Need a configuration file - use multistrap -f
+An the documentation doesn't help either:
+ multistrap [-a ARCH] [-d DIR] -f CONFIG_FILE
+And the solution is a 'it' script - you can use pure ruby and ERB.
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