Source code and slides of MUG Lyon workgroup of 28/02/2013 (SignalR)
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The source code and slides of the MUG Lyon workgroup of 28/02/2013 (SignalR)

  • The directory "MugLyon.SignalR.Demo.LiveCoding" contains files written in the workgroup.
  • The directory "MugLyon.SignalR.Sample2" is the officiel sample (SignalR.Sample nuget package).
  • The directory "MugLyon.SignalR.SharedWhiteBoard.Console" and "MugLyon.SignalR.SharedWhiteboard" is the last demo. A demo multi-platform, between a website and a console application. I have use the ebook of campusmvp for this demo (
  • The directory "MugLyon.SignalR.Demo" is my support to organize this workgroup.
  • The file "muglyon-signalR.pptx" is the powerpoint

Event :

MUG Lyon : @MUGLyon