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Releasing version 0.0.6 after dev sprint at UC Berkeley.
Major change in this release is an API set of renames.  Now the
DataArray constructor reads::

    >>> narr = DataArray(np.zeros((1,2,3)), axes=('a', 'b', 'c'))

and the axis one:

    >>> a1 = Axis('time', 0, None, labels=[str(i) for i in xrange(10)])

Basically we renamed 'labels' to 'axes' in the array constructor, and
(label, ticks) to (name, labels) in the Axis one.

We added our own top-level test() method that correctly exercises
doctests.  At this point, the full test suite passes with all
doctests (run "import datarray;datarray.test()" to execute).

The documentation now is also exercised as a set of doctests (and all
pass); run::

  make doctest

in the doc/ directory to execute it.


Add fancy printing support for 2d datarrays.
Features contributed mostly by Rob Speer, Josh Holbrook and Lluis
(xscript on github).
Add contributions from Rob


Release 0.0.3, first with docs built at github-pages.


End of the Berkeley py4science sprint, will upload this to PyPI


Version 0.0.1, start of the datarray sprint at UC Berkeley.
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