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Add script to auto-generate our index of example notebooks.

It's highly hard-coded for now, but will do in the meantime.  We can
generalize it later, but we're really hurting by not having this index
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+#!/usr/bin/env python
+"""Simple script to auto-generate the index of notebooks in a given directory.
+import glob
+import urllib
+notebooks = sorted(glob.glob('*.ipynb'))
+tpl = ( '* [{0}]('
+ 'raw/master/examples/notebooks/{1})' )
+idx = [
+"""# A collection of Notebooks for using IPython effectively
+The following notebooks showcase multiple aspects of IPython, from its basic
+use to more advanced scenarios. They introduce you to the use of the Notebook
+and also cover aspects of IPython that are available in other clients, such as
+the cell magics for multi-language integration or our extended display
+For beginners, we recommend that you start with the 5-part series that
+introduces the system, and later read others as the topics interest you.
+Once you are familiar with the notebook system, we encourage you to visit our
+where you will find many more examples that cover areas from basic Python
+programming to advanced topics in scientific computing.
+idx.extend(tpl.format(nb.replace('.ipynb',''), urllib.quote(nb))
+ for nb in notebooks)
+with open('', 'w') as f:
+ f.write('\n'.join(idx))
+ f.write('\n')

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