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Materials for my PyCon 2014 keynote in Montreal
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Materials for my keynote at PyCon 2014, Montreal

My PyCon 2014 was delivered directly as a collection of IPython notebooks that included live code and demonstrations, so there's no easy way to turn my talk into a static PDF. So I'm sharing all materials here as a Git repository.

To view the notebooks online via nbviewer, start with the index. Note that some of the notebooks require local code execution to display interactive widgets.

The entire talk is available on video, as part of the complete PyCon 2014 video series.

All notebooks here are a combination of new work and material from previous presentations not only by me, but also by others in the IPython team and our broader community. I tried to make sure to provide proper credit everywhere, please correct me if I missed anything with a Pull request. Many thanks to everyone who provided code and examples I could use.

License terms: CC-BY

All materials here are released under the terms of the CC-BY 4.0 license.

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