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python-github2 - Github API v2 library for Python.

Authors: Ask Solem (
Version: 0.1.2

This is an experimental python library implementing all of the features available in version 2 of the Github API.

Note This software is not finished. And is likely to change in the near future.


You should read the developer documentation for the Github API first.


You can install python-github2 either via the Python Package Index (PyPI) or from source.

To install using pip,:

$ pip install python-github2

To install using easy_install,:

$ easy_install python-github2

If you have downloaded a source tarball you can install it by doing the following,:

$ python build
# python install # as root

Creating a request

>>> from github2.client import Github
>>> github = Github(username="ask", api_token=".......")



>>> results ="foo")

Getting User Information

>>> user ="ask")
"Ask Solem"

Getting User Network

>>> github.users.followers("ask")
['greut', 'howiworkdaily', 'emanchado', 'webiest']
>>> github.users.following("ask")

Following Network

>>> github.users.follow("jezdez")
>>> github.users.unfollow("jezdez")


List a Projects Issues

>>> github.issues.list("ask/chishop", state="open")
>>> github.issues.list("ask/chishop", state="closed")

View an Issue

>>> issue ="ask/chishop", 1)
>>> issue.title
'Should not be able to upload same version twice.'

Open and Close Issues

>>> new_issue ="ask/chishop", title="New bug",
...                                body="This is a test bug")
>>> new_issue.number
>>> github.issues.close("ask/chishop", new_issue.number)

Add and Remove Labels

>>> github.issues.add_label("ask/chishop", 2, "important")
>>> github.issues.remove_label("ask/chishop", 2, "important")


Network Meta

>>> github.get_network_meta("ask/chishop")

Network Data

>>> github.get_network_data("schacon/simplegit",
...     nethash="fa8fe264b926cdebaab36420b6501bd74402a6ff")


Searching Repositories

>>> repositories ="django")

Show Repo Info

>>> repo ="schacon/grit")
>>> repo.homepage

List All Repositories

# By default lists all repos for the current user. >>> repos = github.repos.list()

>>> repos = github.repos.list("schacon")

Watching Repositories

>>> github.repos.unwatch("schacon/grit")

Forking Repositories

>>> fork = github.repos.fork("schacon/grit")

Creating and Deleting Repositories

>>> new_repo = github.repos.create(name, description, homepage,
...                                 public=True)
>>> github.repos.delete(name)

Repository Visibility

>>> github.repos.set_private("ask/chishop")
>>> github.repos.set_public("ask/chishop")


>>> collabs = github.repos.list_collaborators("ask/chishop")
>>> github.repos.add_collaborator("ask/chishop", "schacon")
>>> github.repos.remove_collaborator("ask/chishop", "schacon")



Repository Refs

Get a list of tags

>>> tags = github.repos.tags("ask/chishop")

Get a list of remote branches

>>> branches = github.repos.branches("ask/chishop")


Listing Commits on a Branch

>>> commits = github.commits.list("mojombo/grit", "master")

Listing Commits for a File

>>> commits = github.commits.list("mojombo/grit", "master",
...                               file="grit.gemspec")

Showing a Specific Commit

>>> commit ="mojombo/grit",
...             sha="5071bf9fbfb81778c456d62e111440fdc776f76c")



>>> tree = github.get_tree(project, tree_sha)


>>> blob = github.get_blob_info(project, tree_sha, path)


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory for the full license text.