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Version: 1.3.2
A wrapper to colorize the output from compilers whose messages
match the "gcc" format.
Requires the ANSIColor module from CPAN.
In a directory that occurs in your PATH _before_ the directory
where the compiler lives, create a softlink to colorgcc for
each compiler you want to colorize:
g++ -> colorgcc
gcc -> colorgcc
cc -> colorgcc
That's it. When "g++" is invoked, colorgcc is run instead.
colorgcc looks at the program name to figure out which compiler to run.
The default settings can be overridden with ~/.colorgccrc.
See the comments in the sample .colorgccrc for more information.
colorgcc will only emit color codes if:
(1) Its STDOUT is a tty and
(2) the value of $TERM is not listed in the "nocolor" option.
If colorgcc colorizes the output, the compiler's STDERR will be
combined with STDOUT. Otherwise, colorgcc just passes the output from
the compiler through without modification.
Author: Jamie Moyers <>
Started: April 20, 1999
Licence: GNU Public License
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