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// File: CORBA_Pollable.idl
// CORBA 3.0, Chapter 7
#ifdef _PRE_3_0_COMPILER_
#pragma prefix ""
// interface for the Pollable sets of invocations
local interface PollableSet;
abstract valuetype Pollable {
boolean is_ready(
in unsigned long timeout
PollableSet create_pollable_set();
abstract valuetype DIIPollable : Pollable {};
local interface PollableSet {
exception NoPossiblePollable {};
exception UnknownPollable {};
DIIPollable create_dii_pollable();
void add_pollable(
in Pollable potential
Pollable get_ready_pollable(
in unsigned long timeout
) raises(NoPossiblePollable);
void remove(
in Pollable potential
) raises(UnknownPollable);
unsigned short number_left();