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lua-CodeGen : a template engine

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lua-CodeGen is a "safe" template engine.

lua-CodeGen enforces a strict Model-View separation. Only 4 primitives are supplied :

  • attribute reference,
  • template include,
  • conditional include
  • and template application (i.e., map operation).

lua-CodeGen allows to split template in small chunk, and encourages the reuse of them by inheritance.

Each chunk of template is like a rule of a grammar for an unparser generator.

lua-CodeGen is not dedicated to HTML, it could generate any kind of textual code.


the Terence Parr's articles :


The homepage is at, and the sources are hosted at

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2010-2014 Francois Perrad

This library is licensed under the terms of the MIT/X11 license, like Lua itself.