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#! /usr/bin/lua
-- lua-TestMore : <>
-- Copyright (C) 2009, Perrad Francois
-- This code is licensed under the terms of the MIT/X11 license,
-- like Lua itself.
=head1 Lua Debug Library
=head2 Synopsis
% prove 309-debug.t
=head2 Description
Tests Lua Debug Library
See "Lua 5.1 Reference Manual", section 5.9 "The Debug Library",
See "Programming in Lua", section 23 "The Debug Library".
require 'Test.More'
is(debug.getfenv(3.14), nil, "function getfenv")
local function f () end
type_ok(debug.getfenv(f), 'table')
is(debug.getfenv(f), _G)
type_ok(debug.getfenv(print), 'table')
is(debug.getfenv(print), _G)
a = coroutine.create(function () return 1 end)
type_ok(debug.getfenv(a), 'table', "function getfenv (thread)")
is(debug.getfenv(a), _G)
info = debug.getinfo(is)
type_ok(info, 'table', "function getinfo (function)")
is(info.func, is, " .func")
info = debug.getinfo(1)
type_ok(info, 'table', "function getinfo (level)")
like(info.func, "^function: [0]?[Xx]?%x+", " .func")
is(debug.getinfo(12), nil, "function getinfo (too depth)")
error_like(function () debug.getinfo('bad') end,
"bad argument #1 to 'getinfo' %(function or level expected%)",
"function getinfo (bad arg)")
t = {}
is(debug.getmetatable(t), nil, "function getmetatable")
t1 = {}
setmetatable(t, t1)
is(debug.getmetatable(t), t1)
local reg = debug.getregistry()
type_ok(reg, 'table', "function getregistry")
type_ok(reg._LOADED, 'table')
t = {}
function f () end
is(debug.setfenv(f, t), f, "function setfenv")
type_ok(debug.getfenv(f), 'table')
is(debug.getfenv(f), t)
is(debug.setfenv(print, t), print)
type_ok(debug.getfenv(print), 'table')
is(debug.getfenv(print), t)
t = {}
a = coroutine.create(function () return 1 end)
is(debug.setfenv(a, t), a, "function setfenv (thread)")
type_ok(debug.getfenv(a), 'table')
is(debug.getfenv(a), t)
error_like(function () t = {}; debug.setfenv(t, t) end,
"^[^:]+:%d+: 'setfenv' cannot change environment of given object",
"function setfenv (forbidden)")
t = {}
t1 = {}
is(debug.setmetatable(t, t1), true, "function setmetatable")
is(getmetatable(t), t1)
like(debug.traceback(), "^stack traceback:\n", "function traceback")
like(debug.traceback("message\n"), "^message\n\nstack traceback:\n", "function traceback with message")
-- Local Variables:
-- mode: lua
-- lua-indent-level: 4
-- fill-column: 100
-- End:
-- vim: ft=lua expandtab shiftwidth=4:
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