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# $Id$
List of people who have contributes to Lua.
N: Alberto Manuel Brandao Simoes
U: ambs
D: fix SVN properties
N: Allison Randal
U: allison
D: Update Lua to use keyed classnames for TGE.
D: in ppd25cx branch
D: in ppd17pmc branch
N: Andrew Whitworth
U: Whiteknight
D: updating to use ".namespace []" as per rt#48549
D: updating function and macro names to satisfy pdd09 deprecation notes. rt#55364
N: Andy Lester
U: petdance
D: wrapped macro arguments
N: Audrey Tang
U: audreyt
D: Prefix all hash.h API calls with "parrot_"
N: Bernhard Schmalhofer
U: bernhard
D: RT#38235 Rename (dyn)?classes to (dyn)?pmc
D: Rename Parrot::Test::generate_code() to the more appropriate write_code_to_file()
D: fix SVN properties
N: Bob Rogers
U: rgrjr
D: co-routine support
N: Christoph Otto
U: cotto
D: remove the seed arg from string_hash()
U: chromatic
D: Changed new_from_string VTABLE entry name to instantiate_str, per RT#47011.
D: Use typedefs for Parrot-defined structs outside of headers
D: Updated copyrights in all files modified in 2007
D: Changed string_from_cstring() calls to string_from_literal()
D: Made test target depend on successful build of everything else.
D: Fix memory leaks in PMC
D: Fixed a GC bug in LuaThread
D: Cleaned up Lua* PMC.
D: Added TODO to Parrot::Test::Lua so that Lua can have TODO tests.
D: Changed CONTEXT(interp->ctx) to CONTEXT(interp), see RT#41881
D: fix SVN properties
D: in ppd25cx branch
D: in ppd17pmc branch
N: James E Keenan (kid51)
U: jkeenan
D: fix coding standard
N: Jérome Quelin
U: jquelin
D: find_type removal (in ppd15oo branch)
N: Jerry Gay
U: particle
D: fix coding standards
D: fix pod formatting error
D: fix SVN properties
N: Jonathan Worthington
U: jonathan
D: Remove use of Parrot_PMC_typenum from Lua PMCs, replacing it with pmc_type, so they build
D: Remove UFlags argument from string_append, as requested in ticket #40523.
D: Resolve bug in NCI method name mangling that broke Lua
N: Julian Albo
U: julianalbo
D: Fixed luatable problem with Hash and clean warnings in other pmc
D: rename pmc attributes RT#48014
D: rename Parrot_Context
N: Kevin Tew
U: tewk
D: s/clear_eh/pop_eh
N: Klaas-Jan Stol
U: kjs
D: initial PMC (from Monkey 0.2.2)
D: initial PGE grammar & PAST transformation
D: change "float" into "num" preparing removal of "float" as type.
D: many improvement with PCT
N: Mark Glines
U: infinoid
D: fix coding standards
D: fix RT#53072
D: fix some tests on linux/amd64
N: Moritz Lenz
U: moritz
D: fix SVN properties
U: Notfound
D: fix C++ build
N: Nuno Carvalho
U: smash
D: fix SVN properties
N: Paul Cochrane
U: paultcochrane
D: Converted 'perl -w' to 'use warnings' where appropriate
D: Tidied Perl source with perltidy
D: Converted dos line endings to unix line endings
D: fix SVN properties
D: Cleanup of temporary files created when test suite is run
D: Changed filenames to use the 'one dot filename' style
D: fix coding standard
N: Peter Gibbs
U: petergibbs
D: minor improvement in PMC
N: Robert G. Jakabosky
D: many fix (see RT#57568)
N: Stephen Weeks
U: tene
D: Remove the second argument passed to exception handlers
N: Vasily Chekalkin
U: bacek
D: Parrot_Context conversion
D: pcc conversion
N: Will "Coke" Coleda
U: coke
D: #39217 - copyright cleanup
D: replace_slashes is now the default for make files
D: fix SVN properties
D: remove use of deprecated classname op
D: fix coding standards
D: remove deprecated getclass opcode (RT#47942)
D: bare method names are [DEPRECATED]
D: Update all usages of ".const .foo" to ".const 'foo'" (in branch type_ids)