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a set of coding standard tests written in ooc for project using ooc.

Why Coding Standard

Coding Standard is about consistency.

The goal is to improve collaboration and maintainance.

How Use Them in Your Project


  • your project must use GIT
  • a recent perl (>= 5.10.1) or at least a recent Test::Harness module (>= 3.17) (run prove -V)

add in your Makefile :

# your own selection of tests
  TrailingSpace \
  HardTabs \
  LineLength \

codingstd: ../ooc-codingstd
        prove --exec="rock -r -sourcepath=../ooc-codingstd/source" $(CODING_STD)

        cd .. && git clone git://

now, you could run :

$ make codingstd
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